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It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the new and improved, LowRiskWinner.com, we’re delighted to have you here. We’ve strived to bring you everything a sports betting fan would need, such as detailed reviews of the best bookmakers, sports betting news and tips, extensive betting guides, as well as unique charity challenges, where we can all engage, have fun and hopefully raise money for a good cause.

The most frequent question we always face is, why are you called “Low Risk Winner” ? Well we chose this name, for two reasons really, we only ever promote safe, licenced and secure and reputable and trustworthy bookmakers, thus making us a lower risk choice, hence “Low Risk”. Also, we bring you the bookmakers whom offer the best bonuses, of free bets, which we consider a win-win situation, hence the “Winner” part of the title. Pair the two together, and by choosing us, you have safe and reliable bookmakers, with the very best betting offers, a true “Low Risk Winner”.

Enhanced Specials

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Most days (give or take) we will manually search bookmaker’s websites (therefore odds reported may be subject to change) for enhanced double and treble bets, listing them here for your convenience. So why do we like these? Well, take the following real life example: we have two favourites, in two different races priced at 1.67 (4/6) and 1.53 (8/15). If you placed two £5 singles on each to win and they both won, you would receive a return of £16. Alternatively you could bet £10 on the enhanced double for odds of 3.00 (2/1) and if this bet won, you’d get a return of £30, that’s almost double your return! Now granted your risk is increased by betting on the double, as they both need to win for your bet to win (unlike two single bets, where you could win one and lose the other). But it is worth mentioning at the odds stated, you’d make a loss even if one of your singles won. So in our opinion, some enhanced multiples are really worth a punt!

Compare Bookmakers

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Bookmaker Comparison – Explained

Above we have explained each comparison area of the bookmaker table, so that you can be fully familiar with each of them, what they are, and why they are beneficial. Don’t be tempted to dismiss a bookmaker based on it not having one or a few of these features, as each bookmaker has its own individual merits aside from these. These are just some of the more standard ones, which people tend to look for, and thus we compared them for your convenience.

Free Bets

The free bet amount section displays the maximum bonus on offer, however the terms of each one differs, so be sure to check each individual bookmaker that interests you. The majority are based on 100% of your first deposit and bet, but do check, as this isn’t always the case.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit figure at a bookmaker can vary, depending primarily on which deposit method you choose. If you opt to use a credit or debit card, then the most common amount is £5-£10, however some other methods such as Western Union transfer may be higher.

If you’re opting to take advantage of the promotions, then usually you have to use the card as your main payment method.

Minimum Bet

The most straightforward section of the table is by far the minimum bet amount. It is quite simply an indication of the lowest amount you can possibly place at each bookmaker. As you will see, the lowest is just 1p, and the highest minimum amount is only £1.

Live Betting

There’s no better thrill than live betting, it allows you to place bets while the event is taking place. Something which you probably won’t be able to do at a high street bookmaker. It’s really fun, as you can watch the game, and it may help influence your next bet, for instance who may score the next goal, and what the score will be at half time.

Live Streaming

If you make a bet, particularly on football and horse racing, you can have the option to watch a live stream of the event, from within the bookmaker’s site. What this means is, you can actually watch the event unfold, complete with audio, which can be very beneficial, especially if you have live betting at the bookmaker too, as you can place further bets in some cases, such as next goal scorer for example.

Best Odds Guaranteed

This feature is strictly related to UK and Irish horse race betting, and is an excellent feature as it helps ensure you get the best possible pay-out. In a horse race Starting Prices (SP) are decided by an official panel and they base them on the fluctuations within the betting market. Normally if you had taken an early price and the resulting SP was higher, you’d lose out. But fortunately if you bet on a horse at a bookmaker which has best odds guaranteed, then you may take early odds, and if the horse’s SP odds are higher at the start of the race, and the horse goes on to win, you will be paid out at the higher price. Similarly, if the early price is higher than the starting price, you’ll be safe that you got the better price, no matter what happens.

Live Commentaries

This feature is quite self-explanatory in that where applicable; the bookmaker offers commentary on sports events, such as Racing UK radio and football audio commentaries.

24/7 Support

Taking the step to join a new bookmaker can be a bit daunting to some users, and it can be reassuring to know that assistance is available at an hour. So, any bookmaker with a tick in the 24/7 support box, have customer service representatives, available around the clock, ready to assist you should you need them. The method of contact varies by bookmaker, however the standard ones are usually telephone, email and live chat, with the latter being the most popular and quickest.

If a bookmaker doesn’t have 24/7 support, don’t let this put you off, as they tend to compensate by having extensive frequently asked questions sections, helping you find your own answers to the most common queries. Also, they nearly always have support during peak and daytime hours, i.e 07:00 – 20:00.