Goals Galore Guide

There aren't many other types of bets placed on football that are as thrilling and exciting as Goals Galore. Quite simply, it will literally have you glued to the game right up until that final full time whistle is blown. Also, with the possibility of winning £14000 from just a £10 stake, it's easy to see why it's so popular.


The name of the game is to choose a minimum of three football matches from a selected list; however, you can select more matches if you want, up to a maximum of fifteen. You then choose how much you want to bet, and place the wager. Now your bet is placed on all of the teams. The odds vary depending on the amount of teams chosen. Now, to win money, which I would assume is why you’re doing it, you need both teams to score in each game. So if you pick four football matches, this means there are 8 teams altogether, and all the teams have to score. So "when both teams score, it's goals galore". So easy and so fun.

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Totepool Betting Guides

Totepool Betting is a popular form of betting on horse races, which involves money being pooled into a pot. This form of betting is similar to a lottery, and the winners can scoop big jackpot prizes.


The concept was created in the United Kingdom back in the 1920s by The Tote, presently known as Totesport. Unlike fixed odds betting, where you must back a winner at fixed odds, you stand to win big prizes from small stakes, and with some Totepool bets such as Tote placepot, you can win huge jackpots without even backing winners. Or, with Tote Scoop6, you can potentially win £1,000,000 or more from just a £2 bet.


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